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What exactly goes into the absolute best bacon, egg and cheese sandwich?
We break it all down into bite-sized, tasty morsels.

It’s called “The Standard” and It’s our best-selling sandwich (and always has been), served from open to close. It’s gooey, crunchy, chewy—basically a rockstar-trashing-a-VIP-hotel-suite kind of party in your mouth. Aside from its satisfying textures, it has the potential of hitting all four “S” bells, depending on your choice of bagel and condiments that is—savory, salty, sweet, spicy. It’s like no other all-inclusive, ultimate breakfast go-to. And, if you’re slightly hungover (no judgement here), it’s an edible unicorn with the magical power of making you whole again, or at least the ability to make you feel way better. Order it now.

Let us take a moment to deconstruct the indisputable greatness that Sam Silverman dubbed “The Best BEC in Philadelphia”. Who is Sam Silverman you ask? Only the most lauded bagel sandwich aficionado this side of the Mississippi. Who better to judge the worthiness of this great sandwich in all of its splendor than the man who launched the New York Bagel Fest movement? (Sam did a Philly weekend stint not too long ago). Here’s the original TikTok.

At Spread, our culinary team takes immense pride in the meticulous process that goes into creating this beloved classic breakfast sandwich. Join us on a mouthwatering journey as we reveal why the official bagel ambassador extraordinaire bestowed such an awesome honor on Spread.

Our wood-fired, Montreal style bagels are ideal bookends when it comes to keeping the good stuff intact. We believe that the foundation of any sandwich starts with premium ingredients, and our artisan bagels are no exception. Every day, we hand-shape and kettle-boil our bagels in honey-malt water, allowing the dough to develop a chewy interior while maintaining a delightfully crisp crust. This centuries-old, traditional method elevates the overall experience, a critical component of a brag-worthy breakfast, brunch or lunchtime score. We were extremely proud to be mentioned as one of “Philly’s Essential Bagel Shops” by (2023).

Now, let’s talk about the savory component that gives our BEC legit street cred - the bacon! We procure the finest, thick-cut, Applewood-smoked bacon available. It’s the best we can buy because we wouldn’t settle for anything less. Our bacon is expertly cooked in-house to crispy perfection, rendering a glorious, smoky aroma that cunningly plays with the minds of innocent folks passing by. The interplay between the bagel’s chewiness and the bacon’s crunch creates a textural contrast that you’ll be dreaming about for weeks. Not a bacon-lover? You can order The Standard according to your particular specifications. We offer turkey bacon, sausage patty or fresh avocado as substitutes. Our pork roll option is exclusive to our Cherry Hill, NJ and King of Prussia, PA locations.

Each morning at Spread it’s time to crack up. ???? We use only high-quality, local, farm-fresh extra-large AA eggs from AHA-Certified Kreider Farms in Lancaster County, PA to ensure an authentic and flavorful experience. Our seasoned cooks skillfully prepare the eggs to order – light and fluffy is how most guests like ‘em. Prefer only egg whites? We’ve got you covered.

Ahhhh cheese…the fun and versatile element that binds the components together. Seriously, is there anything better than cheese? It’s no wonder why our cheese pull pics and videos get the most engagement on Instagram and TikTok. We use Cooper Sharp on our BEC due in large part to its relationship with the City of Brotherly Love, the official home of the cheesesteak. Cooper has a cult-following of devotees for sure. It’s a nostalgic cheese, mainly found around the Philadelphia metropolitan area. It has stood the test of time, generation after generation which is likely due to its creaminess and its unmistakable tang. It melts beautifully every time and has a distinctive flavor that blends well with the smokiness of the subtle seasoning of egg. Of course, if you prefer other cheeses, such as Swiss, Smoked Cheddar, Provolone or Mozzarella we’re more than happy to accommodate. Just ask!

Less is more is so five minutes ago. For those of you who believe that more is more, don’t forget to add additions like tomato, red onion, truffled mushrooms or spinach.
Also, consider sriracha or ketchup if that’s your thing.

Did you know that Spread sells our own brand of ketchup and hot sauce? It’s true! Try our all-natural Black Pepper Ketchup or our Habanero Hot Sauce the next time you order The Standard, both available at our registers and online by visiting this link and scrolling to retail items.

No matter how you like your bacon, egg and cheese sandwich, we’d love to know about your experience. You can provide feedback or ask questions by sending a message to